New York

I have to admit, I never thought that I'd start a cleaning business. But as I reflected on how I could use my life to help the people around me, I saw how the simple act of cleaning could serve my community in a deeply meaningful way.

You've had the experience of walking into a newly cleaned home; you have a newfound energy, a feeling of happiness and optimism that encourages you and gives you hope. Because your home is the most precious space in your life, having it regularly cleaned allows you to thrive in ways that you never imagined before. A clean home creates an environment where you can flourish: relationally, socially, and professionally.

That is why I started Luke's Cleaning. I care about people, and nothing makes me happier than seeing our customers enjoy life and live it to the fullest. My dream is that as you each thrive in your own lives, this would cause our communities to experience a greater richness and vibrancy of life. We invite you to partner alongside us in this goal.